Coming of Islam In India History Study Materials


Coming of Islam In India History Study Materials

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It was the Prophet Mohammad who propagated Islam during the early seventh century in the deserts of Arabia. Within a century the Islam expanded over the regions of ihe entire Middle East. North Africa, Spain, Iran and Central Asia. In India, the Islam was introduced with raids by Mahmud of Ghazni and it consolidated with the founding of the Sultanate of Delhi. Following were the reasons for the success of Muslims in India:

(i) Lack of unity and organisation among the Rajputs;
(ii) Lack of a central government;
(iii) Kingdoms were small and scattered;
(iv) The Muslims w ere better organised and took advantage of the lack of mutual cooperation among the Rajputs; and
(v) Buddhism made the Indian masses timid and weakened their military attitude.

Islam and Indian History:

• The Islam originated in Soudi Arabia in 622 AD. Its Origin was deslined to Charge the Course of Indian history.
• There had been many changes in Islam by the tenth centurey, when it was ruled from Baghded in-stead of Damascus or Medina. It had transformed into an empire embellished by Persian Civilisain protected by Turkish armed slaves.
• Mahmud of Ghazni began his raids in 997 AD. He destroyed many. Hindu temples and idols. He viewed these as abominations to Allah.
• Harihara I, who founded vijayanagar Empire had converted ot Islam. Later he reconverted to Hindusism and Quickly become an overlord of the Deccan region.

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