Arab Invasion In India Study Materials


 Arab Invasion In India Study Materials


Muhammad Bin Qasim

            Bin Qasim attacked India and captured Sindh in 712 AD. He made it the province of Omayyad Khilafat. The Arab military conquered the region of Indus delta in Sindh in 711 AD and formed an Indo-Muslim state, Initally, these warriors began to shift to Afghanistan and Iran and thereafter in India.

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           The Jats and Mets (Buddhists) had invited Qasim to attack  King Dahir of Sindh. How ever, Qasim himself was tempted by the enormous wealth that India had. He defeated King Dahir in the Battle of Rawar (712). In the battle. King Dahir’s elephant was struck in the eye by an arrow. It got frightenedand fied,the scene. King Dahir’s army thought that he had surrendered and had fled the battlefield. They were very surprised. Qasim’s armies took advantage of the situation and started brutally killing them. King Dahir was also found by the Arabs and was killed. His widow Rani Ravibai and son Jaisingh took shelter in the fort and tried to offer resistance. Eventually, Rani Ravibai and the widows of the Rajput soldiers committed Jauhar. Sind was made an Islamic outpost Here, the Arabs formed trade links with the Middle East. Later many teachers and Sufis joined the traders. However, there w as little influence of Arab culture in the rest of South Asia. They captured Sindh, Multan and other prominent cities in the north-west but could not consolidate their rule alter the death of Qasim. The Arabs had to eventually leave India towards the end of the ninth century because of the rise of the Rajputs and the Chalukyas.

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The Legend of Jaichandra

Jaichandra was the ruler of Kannauj. It is believed that he betrayed Prithviraj in the battle against Muhammad Ghori because Prithviraj had abducted his daughter Sanyogita who was in love with him. A poet namedChand Bardai has narrated this story in work Prithviraj Raso.

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