Sayyid Dynasty in India Study Materials


Sayyid Dynasty in India Study Materials


Khizr Khan (1414-1421)

            Timur’s nominee, Khizr Khan, captured Delhi and was proclaimed the new sultan and the first ruler of the Sayyid dynasty. The dynasty ruled over Delhi and its surrounding , districts for about 37 years.

Mubarak Shah (1421-1434)

            Mubarak Shah succeeded Khizt at the throne after successful expeditions against the Mewatis. Katihars and in the Gangetic Doab area. He was killed by the nobles in his own court.

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Muhammad Shah (1434-1443)

            The nobles who deposed Mubarak Shah put Muhammad Shah on the throne, but he could not survive the infighting among the nobles in the court. He was authorised to rule meagre area of around 30 miles andtherest of the Sultanaic was ruled by the nobles who were never at agreement on any political or social issue. This period marked the firsi signs of the fall of the Sayyid dynasty.

Alam Shah (1443-1451)

            The last Sayvid king descended in favour of Bahlul Lodhi and himself retired. Thus began the Lodhi dynasty, which confined, itself to Delhi and a few surrounding areas.

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The Arrival of Lodhis

           The Lodhi dynasty was the first and last Afghan dynasty to rule in South Asia, with the exception of Sher Shah Suri, the only other Afghan who ruled this region. The Lodhi elders served inthe court of Firuz Shah and Khizr Khan and held positions of responsibility. Buhlul Lodhi, the founder of the dynasty, was the governor of Sirhind, When the Sayyids became weak, no first occupied the province of Punjab and later captured tha throne of Delhi. His coronation was held on 19 April 1451. Ho rook the title of Sultan Abul Muzzaffar Buhlul Shah Ghazi.

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