Lock Down Should Be Extended- Request by Doctors!!!!

Lock Down Should Be Extended- Request by Doctors!!!!
Lock Down Should Be Extended- Request by Doctors!!!!

Lock Down Should Be Extended: As the lock down in Tamil Nadu will be ended on 24th May 2021, the request to extend the lockdown was made by doctors in the state. They though the lockdown is the way to reduce the daily raise in COVI 19 cases. Now let’s check the details of this in this page.

COVID 19 Situations:

COVID 19 is remaining as a big dangerous thing which caused lot of deaths. It also affects the economy as well. This pandemic starts from last year. During the first wave of COVID 19, we fight against this pandemic and won the first wave of this because of strict lockdown, social distance. But after that lockdown has end.  Many of us forgot about the masks, social distancing.  We can say that is the initial point to the second wave of COVID 19. In the second wave we have the vaccine with us. But at the same time the COVID 19 second wave is spreading more than its first wave. In this time it affects the youth generation also. So, again India was under the situation to make the order for Lockdown. In many states in India has been following the lockdown like restrictions.

COVID 19 Situations in TN:

Tamil Nadu is one of the states. The curfew has been in effect across Tamil Nadu since March last year. Restrictions that were initially strictly followed were relaxed over time. Thus the public returned to normal life. In the meanwhile the general election of the legislature, the masquerade as ceremonies, the gathering of the crowd increased, forgetting the personal space. As a result the 2nd wave of the corona is currently beginning to accelerate.

So Far…

Infection is confirmed in more than 30,000 people daily in Tamil Nadu. The newly-appointed Chief Minister MK Stalin has taken various measures to control this. As part of this, a full curfew has been imposed since May 10. The order will remain in effect until May 24. Unlike last year, essential shops, including meat and groceries, have been allowed to operate until 12 noon. Police have also been instructed not to confiscate the vehicles of those who roam outside unnecessarily. Thus the public can be seen coming out fearlessly regardless of the curfew. So it has been decided to intensify monitoring from today to reduce mobility.

Request to Lockdown Extension:

 In this situation, there is a demand to extend the entire curfew which is to end on May 24. The state of Maharashtra has already extended the curfew till June 1. More than 30,000 infections are reported daily in Tamil Nadu. Medical experts have demanded that the government extend the curfew beyond May 24. They also called for the intensification of curfews in place. So, let’s wait for the further updates regarding this.

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