Southern Dynasties of India Study Materials


Southern Dynasties of India Study Materials

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When Gupta disintegration was complete, the classical patterns of civilization continued to thrive not only in the middle Ganga valley and the kingdoms that emerged on the heels of Gupta demise hut also in the Deccan and in South India, which acquired a more prominent place in history. In fact, from the mid-seventh to mid-thirteenth centuries, regionalism was the dominant theme of the political or dynastic history of South Asia. Three features commonly characterised the socio-political realities of this period. First, the spread of Brahmanical religions was a two-way process in looking the Sanskritisation of local cults and localisation of the Brahmanical social order. Second, the ascendancy of the Brahmin priestly and land owning groups that later dominated regional institutions and political developments. Third, because of the see-sawing of numerous dynasties that had a remarkable ability to survive perennial military attacks, regional kingdoms faced frequent defeats but seldom total annihilation.

Peninsular India was involved in an eighth Centurytripartite power struggle among the Pallavas (AD 300-888) of Kunchipuratn, the Chalukyas (AD 550-642) of Vatapi and the Pandyas (seventh through tenth centuries) of Madurai. The Chalukya rulers were overthrown by their subordinates, the Rashtrakutas. who ruled from AD757to 973.

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