Satavahanas Dynasty Study Materials


Satavahanas Dynasty Study Materials

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(230 BC TO AD 225) The Shathavahtmar (also known as the Andhras) are considered to be among the earliest rulers of the Deccan. They gained independence alter the death of Ashoka in 232 BC; they consolidated their empire und made Pruthistana their capital. Simukha was their founder and was a subordinate of the Mauryan Empire. After the downfall of the Mauryans, there was anurchy and the Shathavahanas established a stable government and united the country into a single empire. They repulsed all foreign invasions und made the economy sound. Many historians believe that it was the Shathavahanas who laid the foundation for the future attainment of a ‘Greater India’ under the Guptas and Cholas.

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The important rulers of this dynasty were Simukha—founder, also called Shuthavahna in Jam texts: Krishna—contemporary of King Ashoka; SatakarniI−ruled from 184 to 130 BC and was given the title of ‘Lord of the South’ in many Jain texts; Hala—seventeenth king of this dynasty who invaded Ceylon and married the princess I—of Ceylon. I.eeluvatl, a matchless beauty; PulumayiI—son of Hala and Leelavati who ascended the throne and further established the kingdom; SatakarniII— son of queen Gautami Balashree. therefore, also called Gautamiputra Sankari, ruled from AD 70 to 95. His conquest of the Vindhyas in the south gave his kingdom a safety from Invasions as it was now covered by sea on the three sides. He earned the title Trisamudratoyapithavahana. (meaning who rules from the horse which has bathed in the three seas); Pulumayi II—succeeded Gautamiputra and the last  powerful Andhra empire; Pulumayi powerful Andhra king, ruled from AD 166 to 175; Yajnashathakarni—was the last king who ruled from AD 175 to 225. Mention of the Shathavahana Dynasty was lost in obscurity with the rise of powers such as the Pallavas in the south, the Kadanibas and Gangas in Karnataka and the Abhiharas in Maharashtra.

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