Mughal Dynasty in India History Study Materials


Mughal Dynasty in India History Study Materials

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In the early years of Sixteenth century, the Mughals, the descendants of the Mongol, Turkish, Iranian and Afghan invaders of South Asia, conquered India under the command of Zahir-ud-din Babur. Babur was the great-grandson of Timur, who had invaded India and plundered Delhi in 1398. Babur’s Empire extended from Punjab to Bengal including Jaunpur and Bihar. It western  to include Kabul in the northwest, Kashmir in the, north, Sindh; Multan, Ajmer and Gujarat in the west Malwa and Benar in the south and Orissa and Bengal by the time Akbar died. The empire extended from Kabul, Kandahar and Peshawar in the north to Kaveri in the south by the close of the seventeenth Century.

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