Important Events Of November – 21

Important Events Of November - 21
Important Events Of November - 21

World Television Day

  • It is considered to be the best of the world to exchange television , such as peace , security , economy , social changes and their art and culture.
  • The UNESCO council announced November 21 , 1996 as World Television Day.

World Hello Day

  • The annual world Hello day on November 21, a secular day is celebrated.
  • The goal of at least ten people say hello to this day.
  • This is for the preservation of peace and the importance of personal information.
  • In 1973 Egypt and Israel due to the conflict between the world Hello day was launched.
  • People around the world expressing their concern for global peace as an opportunity to take advantage of global Hello days.

World Fisherman Day

  • World Fisherman day if world fishing management(WWF) marine fish stocks, fishing and coastal communities about the status of increasing knowledge is reflected as an opportunity.
  • On the day when November 21 fishermen fishing in the world for the purpose of giving the importance to rallies, public meetings, cultural events, exhibitions, musical performances and demonstrations are organized.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Memorial Day


  • He was born on November 7, 1888 in Tiruchirappalli.
By Nobel Foundation [Public domain, Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  • He was an Indian physicist.
  • He was awarded Nobel Prize in 1930 for Physics.He discovered that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the deflected light changes wavelength.
  • This phenomenon, subsequently known as Raman scattering results from the Raman effect.
  • In 1954 India honoured him with its highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna.
  • In 1926 Prof. Raman established the Indian Journal of Physics and he was the first editor.
  • He also explains why the sky is blue in the day.


  • He was awarded the Fellowship of Royal Society in London in 1924.
  • He was awarded the title of “Night Hood” in 1929 by the British Government.
  • Italy’s high-profile “Mathews” medal was awarded.
  • In 1941 he was awarded the Franklin Medal.
  • In 1954 he was awarded the Bharat Ratna.
  • He was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1957.
  • In 1998 the American Chemical Society and Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science recognised Raman’s discovery as an International Historic Chemical Landmark


  • He died on November 21, 1970.

Important Events

  • 1947- After India became independent for the first time, postage stamps were issued. The word ‘ Jai Hind ‘ with published prices of the first three and a half Annas postage stamps.
  • 1963 – India’s first Nike-Apache missile launched  two spy.
  • 1980 – the national flag of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was created.

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