12 Schedules of Indian Constitution


12 Schedules of Indian Constitution

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In this, we have given schedules of Indian Constitution. Each schedule having some law related to some power or responsibilities. This is very important topic in Indian Polity for all competitive exams. Hope this will help you to prepare for competitive exams.

Schedule 1State and Union Territories Name and their Boundary details
Schedule 2Special Powers and Salary details of President, Governors of state, Speakers and Deputy speakers of Rajiya sabha and Lok sabha, Supreme court and High Court Judges.
Schedule 3Oath and Promises of All authority except President, and vice president.
Schedule 4Rajiya Sabha MP count of state and Union Territorries
Schedule 5Scheduled Area and scheduled Tribes Administration and control Law Details
Schedule 6States of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram Tribal areas Administration and control law details
Schedule 7Detailed List about Union and State Government Power and Concurrent List
Schedule 8Official Languages
Schedule 9Validation of certain Acts and Regulations.
Schedule 10Details about Party changes and disqualification of MP/MLA
Schedule 11Responsibilities and Powers of Panchayat
Schedule 12Responsibilities and Powers of Municipalities

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