Hike in Milk Price; New Rates Effective Immediately from Today!!

Hike in Milk Price
Hike in Milk Price

Hike in Milk Price; New Rates Effective Immediately from Today!!Beginning today, the Punjab Milk cooperative will increase the price of milk by Rs.2 per litre. The milk cooperative in Punjab sells its goods under the brand name “MilkfedVerka.” On August 17, Amul and Mother Dairy similarly raised the cost of milk by Rs.2 per litre. This makes the people sad and also difficult to buy milk for the people who are on below poverty line. This brand likewise raises milk prices, with the new rates being effective today, following Amul and Mother Dairy.Check the full information here.

Punjab’s Dairy Market is 60%:

The Punjabi customer will bear the full burden. It should be emphasised that MilkfedVerka controls 60% of the market in Punjab’s urban areas. The state needs about 12 lakh litres of milk every day.

From Friday onward, the Punjab Milk Cooperative would charge Rs.2 more per litre for milk. After Amul and Mother Dairy raised the price of milk two days prior, the action was taken.

According to a Milkfed representative, the price of milk would go up by Rs.2 per litre starting of August 19.

Two days ago, milk prices at Amul and Mother Dairy were raised by Rs.2 per litre. The updated price went into effect on August 17. Full-cream milk Amul Gold is now being sold for Rs.62 per litre as opposed to Rs.60 per litre previously.

In March of this year, dairy businesses increased the price of milk by Rs.2. The new prices went into effect on March 1st, 2022. The price increase was brought on by diary operations and increased input costs. The primary source of feed for the dairy industry, cattle fodder, has seen a market price increase of up to 20%. Mother Diary, MilkfedVerka, and Amul all increased their prices at that time.

On Friday, Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producer Federation Limited will raise the price of milk by Rs.2 per litre. The cooperative’s products are sold under the brand name “MilkfedVerka,” and the new pricing is applicable as of right now. The cost of producing milk increases as input costs for dairy farming, such as transportation and fodder, rise. The Punjab Cooperative’s action was consistent with that of other dairy businesses. It should be remembered that milk prices were raised two days ago by Amul and Mother Dairy.

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