Lockdown in Tamil Nadu be extended? – Answers of Minister KN Nehru | Chennai records a steep rise in funerals!!!

Lockdown in Tamil Nadu be extended
Lockdown in Tamil Nadu be extended

The Entire Curfew be Extended? – State Urban Development Minister KN Nehru Questioned about Lockdown and Vaccine. Full Lockdown is extended or Not after May 24, 2021” is the only question murmuring in Tamil Nadu now a days.” Capital of Tamil Nadu has been seeing a steep rise of over 300% in the number of bodies cremated at major burial grounds under the control of the Greater Chennai Corporation since the first wave of COVID-19 last year.

Interview given by Minister KN Nehru to the media in Trichy today:

At Trichy:

  • Will action be taken to publicly announce the details of vacant beds in government and private hospitals?
  • A special unit has been set up under the chairmanship of the District Revenue Officer to make the public aware of the details of normal and oxygen equipped beds and ventilators in government and private hospitals. Contact numbers for the public to contact that section will be announced shortly.
  • At the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital in Trichy, has there been an allegation that only doctors practicing postgraduate medicine are involved in corona treatment?
  • Medical students who have completed their final year of training at the Medical College are to be recruited immediately to overcome the shortage of doctors.

“Given the high number of people who need Remdecivir, why is Remdecivir being sold only in small numbers?”

“Tamil Nadu is supplied only 7,000 bottles of Remtacivir a day. Of this, 300 bottles are distributed to surrounding districts including Trichy. Chief Minister MK Stalin is taking direct action to address the shortage of Remtacivir”. He has also spoken to the Union Minister about this.

  • What are the steps to be taken in the case of Gandhi Market?

In Chennai:

On Thursday, ambulances and hearses had to wait for several hours at burial grounds. A large gathering of people was found at burial grounds on Thursday. For instance, more than 30 bodies were cremated in Velangadu. The tremendous increase in the load caused the equipment to malfunction and residents took to social media to flag the delay in cremations.

***Meanwhile, residents in the neighbourhoods of several crematoriums alleged that the workers demanded ₹15,000 for cremation because of the demand for allocation of time slots.

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