Lattices-Study Material


Lattices-Study Material

The study of the geometric form and other physical properties of crystalline solids by using X-rays, neutron beams and electron beams constitutes the science of crystallography. Lattice points denote the position of atoms or molecules in the crystals.

Lattices – Study Material


  • Crystallography
  • Unit Cell
  • Lattice parameters of an unit cell
  • Miller indices
  • Density of packing


Particularly X-rays play an important role in the development of crystallography. Solids can be classified as crystalline solids and amorphous solids. Crystalline solids or crystals, are those in which the atoms or molecules are arranged in a very regular and orderly fashion in a three dimensional pattern.

Unit Cell

The unit cell is the smallest block or geometric figure from which the entire crystal is built up by repetition in three dimensions. It may be considered as the brick of a wall where the latter represents the crystal.

Miller indices

Miller indices are the set of three integers (h k l) which is used to designate the different crystal planes in the reciprocal lattice of the crystal. The reciprocal lattice is an infinite periodic three dimensional array of points whose spacings are inversely proportional to the distances b/w the planes in the direct lattice.

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