Kerala Company has Launched Portable Oxygen Cylinders for First-Aid Use!!!

Kerala Company has launched portable oxygen cylinders for first-aid use
Kerala Company has launched portable oxygen cylinders for first-aid use

Kerala Company has Launched Portable Oxygen Cylinders For First-Aid Use: In Kerala, a portable oxygen cylinder has been introduced for use in the event of corona suffocation. Corona infection is on the decline in India at the moment. 1.86 lakh persons in India have been targeted for corona in the previous 24 hours. A total of 3,660 persons were killed. Many people are alone at home because hospitals do not have enough oxygen beds. Oxygen cylinders are quite useful for corona patients.

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Bharat Aerosol Industries, situated in Kollam, has introduced the Oxy Secure Booster, a portable oxygen cylinder that serves as first aid and gives quick relief to patients in an emergency. The plastic mask that comes with the cylinder costs Rs.680 and allows the user to inhale at least 225 puffs. The product, which contains 99 percent pure oxygen, has a two-year shelf life and weighs only 150 grams.

Portable oxygen cylinders have been introduced in this regard to help corona sufferers in their time of need. For patients suffering from asphyxia, oxygen ambulances have trouble gaining fast entry to the hospital. A private company in Kerala has developed a portable oxygen cylinder to avoid this. A cylinder of oxygen with a capacity of 10 litres costs 680 rupees.

The cylinder is 140 gram in weight and may be easily transported both at home and on the go. It is easier to breathe when the gadget positioned on the top of the cylinder is used as a mask. These portable oxygen cylinders, according to the producers, can help you get to the hospital safely.

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