Indian Parliament Quiz


     Indian Parliament Quiz

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Who is the Seventh Prime Minister of india?

The election commissioner can be removed by whom?

In the following which country's parliament does not have a written constitution?

How many fundamental rights provided by the Indian Constitution at the time of commencement?

In the following who is not a speaker of Parliament?

What is the Minimum age for election to the post of Vice-President?

How many sessions are held in Parliament?

Which article is for Form of Accounts of The Union and of The States?

Who is the first woman election commissioner in india?

Who is the 22nd Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Indian Parliament consists of the following:

What can be the Maximum gap between two sessions in Indian Parliament?

In the following Which has the powers to create new all India Service?

The number of members in Rajya Sabha

Union Ministers are Individually Responsible to ______

Who has the right to remove the Judge of supreme Court?

Which is the First Written Constitution in the World?

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