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Emergency Quiz Question and Answer 

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Which one of these constitutional amendments equipped President to impose National Emergency on any particular part of India?

The right to impose the National Emergency to the whole country or only one part of it was given to the President on the basis of the 42th constitutional amendment.

When was "armed rebellion" added to the Constitution to declare a National Emergency?

National Emergency should be approved by the Parliament in ?

How long the National Emergency approved by both Houses of Parliament will be in effective?

In case of war, external aggression and armed rebellion Which kind of emergency will be imposed?

National Emergency (under article 352) is imposed in the situation of war, external attacks and armed uprising

How many times financial emergency has been imposed in India?

Which one of these following Fundamental Rights do not get abolished automatically during National Emergency?

Which of the following statements is not true?

How many times National Emergency have been implemented in India?

synonym of emergency?

During Indo China War the National Emergency has been lasted till?

Which one of the following is a Wrong Match ?

In National Emergency Article ...... can only be suspended in case of external emergency and not in the case of internal emergency?

How many types of emergencies have been envisaged under the Indian Constitution ?

Under Which Article of the Constitution Emergency can be Declared ?

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