Important Events Of November – 1


World Vegan Day

  • World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world every 1 November.
  • The benefits of veganism for humans, non-human animals, and the natural environment are celebrated through activities such as setting up stalls, hosting potlucks, and planting memorial trees.

  • The event was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, then Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organisation and the coining of the terms “vegan” and “veganism”.
  • Speaking in 2011, Louise Wallis said: “We knew the Society had been founded in November 1944 but didn’t know the exact date, so I decided to go for 1 November, partly because I liked the idea of this date coinciding with Samhain/Halloween and the Day of the Dead – traditional times for feasting and celebration, both apt and auspicious.”

All Saints’ Day

  • All Saints’ Day is celebrated by Catholic Christians on November 1.
  • Other Christians celebrate it as well. (May not be on the same day) It is a mandatory Catholic holiday. It is celebrated in the Catholic Church.

  • The next day, November 2 is celebrated as All Souls’ Day, souls in Purgatory are especially remembered.
  • Both days are considered important and they are integrated with each other. The older name is All Hallows or Hallowmas
  • All Saints is also a Christian formula involving all the faithful saints and martyrs, known and unknown.

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