Important Events Of May-17


World Tele Communication Day

  • The World Telegraph Association was established in 1865.
  • This was renamed World Telecom Association in 1934.This day is celebrated to every year on May17.
  • The system has been transforming the changing times and technological changes today as the UN’s coordinating body in information and telecommunications technologies, and multinational governments and private organizations around the globe, as well as the development of new networks and services.
  • It has created a worldwide connection to the world that has made telecoms the people all over the world.
  • 2019 Theme: Bridging the standardization gap

World Hypertension Day

  • The World Health Organization began a global awareness campaign on hypertension in 2005 and annually declared on May 17 the World Blood Pressure Day (WHD).
  • In 2007, World Health Organization’s 47 member countries took part in the achievement.
  • 120/80 mm for an average person Mercury size is a very good blood pressure.
  • If it is more than 140/90, then it means high blood pressure or blood boiling.
  • This leads to a heart attack and a loss of life. This day is celebrated to create awareness regarding this.
  • 2019 Theme: Know Your Numbers

Effects of blood clotting:

  1. Stroke
  2. Blindrers
  3. Renel Failure
  4. Heart Attack

Some ways to control high blood pressure:

  1. Reduce salt in the diet
  2. Adding more fruits and vegetables to daily diet will control blood pressure
  3. Exercise
  4. The mind should be kept as Relax
  5. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption can eliminate blood clotting
  6. Regularly go to family doctor and check blood pressure

Movement Association Day

  • Thirumurugan Gandhi is a Tamil Nadu-based, Pro-Tamil Social reformer, Geo-political commentator who founded the May 17 Movement for the cause of Eelam Tamil society’s struggle for their separate Tamil Eelam, primarily those affected by the last stages of the Sri Lankan Civil War.
  • Thirumurugan Gandhi is also a supporter of anti-nuclear protesters and championed the Kudankulam anti-nuclear protests.
  • Thirumurugan Gandhi explained in a rally in Chennai on the theme of the activities and activities of the May 17 movement on genocide in Tamil Eelam.
  • He has spoken to the UN Council on Genocide in Tamil Eelam.

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