Google Questioned their Employees: Are they Vaccination or Get Fired from Job??

google stop pay
google stop pay

Google Unvaccinated Employees Eventually Get Fired!! Google demand their employees to get vaccination against the corona virus unless they eventually get fired from their job and the company not even pay the salary to them. The Google organization issued a memo in front of their staffs. According to them memo the company urge the employees of Google to complete their vaccination status until December 3, of this year 2021.

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Google Firing Unvaccinated:

 And the one more important thing is that the staffs of Google have to submit their own vaccination record in before to the officials at the mentioned date. The employees who are not follow the company’s rule over the vaccination against covid 19 virus, is on the danger of losing their pay and eventually they get fired from their job.

The unvaccinated staffs, staffs who does not submit their completed vaccination report, and the staffs who are all need the extra grace time for the vaccination report submission by January 18 will be moved to the category of “paid administrative leave”.  This leave has the time limit of 30 days. The specified employees who are does not get the vaccination even after that paid leave, then will be seated to “unpaid personal leave” for the long period of six months, if the workers doesn’t get vaccinated according to the company’s rule even after that unpaid leave, they will be fire from their job on Google.

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Now most of the top IT companies demand their employees to work on the offline mode, Google also advised its staffs to attend to work for three days in a week via the offline mode. So they demand their employees to get proper vaccination against the pandemic. Hopingly the Google employees will satisfy the company’s rule and get safe guard from being fired and the corona variants.

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