Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 25, 2021


Q.1) Which state got the opportunity to host the 12th Junior World Cup Hockey Tournament in India?

a) Karnataka

* b) Odisha

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Gujarat

Q.2) Which country is currently naming the newly formed Gulab storm in the Bay of Bengal?

a) Iran

b) Pakistan

c) India

d) Oman

Q.3) In which state is the world’s largest electric vehicle charging station opened?

* a) Himachal Pradesh

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Uttarakhand

d) Rajasthan

Q.4) Who is the new chief of Indian Air Force?




d)Sandeep singh

Q.5) ‘World Pharmacist Day’ observed on which of the following days?

a) September 22

b) September 23

c) September 24

*d) September 25

Q.6) Who topped the list of highest earning footballers of 2021-22?

a) Lionel Messi

b) Neymar

* c) Cristiano Ronaldo

d) Saul Canalo Alvarez

Q.7) Which of the following countries does not support the Quad summit?

a) Japan

b) Australia

c) Brazil

* d) China

Q.8) Who has been appointed as the Ambassador of the World Health Organization?

a)Madanjeet Singh

* b) Gordon Brown

c)Alisson Becker

d)None of these

Q.9) Who wrote the book entitled “The Long Game: How the Chinese Negotiate with India”?

a)Amit Shah

b)Peter Baker

* c) Vijay Gokhale

d)Satyarth Nayak

Q.10) Who is the author of the audio book ‘Jungle Nama’?

*a)Amitav Ghosh

b)Arundhati Roy

c)Chetan Bhagat

d)Jhumpa Lahiri

Q.11) In which year did Prime Minister Modi launch the ‘National Digital Health Mission’?

a) September 24,2019

b) September 24,2020

c) September 25,2020

* D) September 25,2020

Q.12) In which country was the statue of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nagamoto unveiled?

*a) Hungary, Europe

b) Washington, USA

c) Beijing, China

d) Tehran, Iran

Q.13) Which ministry has released the ““interactive digital airspace map” for flying drones?

a)Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

b)Ministry of Corporate Affairs

*c)Ministry of Civil Aviation

d)Ministry of Defence

Q.14) Where did KVIC start its first silk yarn manufacturing center?

a) Rajasthan

b) Gujarat

c) Meerut

* d) Odisha

Q.15) Which country currently approves the Covshield vaccine in India?

a) Iran

b) Algeria

c) Libya

* d) Italy

Q.16) Which imaginary geographical line divides India roughly into two equal parts?

a)Tropic of Capricorn

*b)Tropic of Cancer



Q.17) Which country has banned the broadcasting of IPL?

a) Africa

* b) Afghanistan

c) USA

d) Spain

Q.18) What is the rank of India in recently released Global Innovation Index?





Q.19) Which sport is associated with the Uber Cup?





Q.20) Which city is called Land of Black Diamond?




d)None of these

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