Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 08, 2021

Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 08, 2021
Daily Current Affairs Quiz September 08, 2021

Q.1) Select the correct statement about Vidyanjali 2.0

  1. i) It is a online web portal will facilitate donations, contributions from Corporate Social Responsibility funds, and volunteering.
  2. ii) Mission of the scheme is to provide ‘education revolution’.

a)i) only correct

b)ii) only correct

*c) Both are correct

d) Both are wrong

Q.2) Who was appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) of the Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank)?

a)Atul kumar goel

*b)Harsha Bhupendra Bangari

c)Rajkiran Rai

d)shyam srinivasan

Q.3) Who was took charge as the first woman Chairperson and Managing Director of public sector enterprise Engineers India Ltd?

a)Indra Nooyi

b)Suchi Mukherjee

c)Vandana Luthra

*d)Vartika Shukla

Q.4) Which of the following creatures are awarded Bal Sahitya Puraskar given by Sahitya Academy?

a)Kadaisi kaditham

b)Pali unarchi

*c)Marapachi Sonna Rahasiyam

d)Kadal alai

Q.5) What is Project dunbar?

a) It was the project on International climate summit

*b) It will test the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for international settlements.

c) It was the project on biennial maritime warfare exercise

d) None of the above

Q.6) ‘National Energy Leader’ and ‘Excellent Energy Efficient Unit’ 2021 award was given to which of the following airports?

*a)Delhi Airport

b)Mumbai Airport

c)Chennai Airport

d)Trivandrum Airport

Q.7) According to the Hurun India Future unicorn List 2021, India took which place?





Q.8) Hyperspectral Observation Satellite ‘Geofan-502’ was launched by which of the following countries?





Q.9) Which of the following city was become the first South Asian City To Lacunh Climate Action Plan (CAP)?

a)New delhi




Q.10) Bail pola festival was celebrated for which of the following Purpose?

*a) It is a thanksgiving function for oxen

b) It is a thanksgiving function for Horse

c) It is a thanksgiving function for Sheep

d) None of the above

Q.11) Who was appointed as the PM of new Taliban govt?

a) Mullah Abdul Ghani

*b)Hassan Akhund

c) Molvi Muhammad Yaqoob

d) Zabiullah Mujahid

Q.12) International Literacy Day is observed globally on which of the following days?

a)7th September

*b)8th September

c)9th September

d)10th September

Q.13) Pulamai piththan who passes away on today was a,

a) Former Minister

b) Former MLA

c) Former Chief minister

*d) Speaker of the legislative assembly ,Government poet

Q.14) 150th Birth anniversary of V.O.C was celebrated on which of the following days?

a)5th September

b)6th September

*c)7th September

d)8th September

Q.15) Which satellite has completed 9,000 revolutions around the moon?





Q.16) Which space organization confirms collection of first rock sample on Mars?

*a)National Aeronautics and Space Administration

b)Indian Space Research Organisation

c)El Salvador Aerospace Institute (Instituto Aeroespacial de El Salvador)

d)National Space Science Agency

Q.17) Who becomes the first asian captain to win tests in Australia,England and south Africa?


*b)Virat Kohli

c) Babar Azam

d) Mahela Jayawardene

Q.18) Who holds record of sworning as Chief Minister for six times?

*a) J. Jayalalithaa

b) M. Karunanidhi

c) M. G. Ramachandran

d) C. N. Annadurai

Q.19) Sir Thomas Roe was British Ambassador of which of the following kings?

a) Akbar

b) Tipu Sultan

*c) Jahangir

d) Aurangzeb

Q.20) The Mughal King who is called the Prince of Builders is

a) Dara

b) Babur

*c) Shah Jahan

d) Aurangazeb

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