World War – 2 & Indian Political Situation History Study Materials 


World War – 2 & Indian Political Situation History Study Materials 

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            Just before World War II broke out, the Congress declared its unwillingness to associate itself to the British government. It also clearly informed the government that India should not be pushed to war without the consent of the Indian people. The British government also made no clear statement concerning its war and peace aims as applicable to India. The British Prime Minister stated that the British were in the war to maintain the world safe for democracy and uphold the right of every nation to self- x model after the war. He further promised, (a) the immediate determination. On 3 September 1939, Britain declared war expansion of the Viceroy s executive council by inducting against Germany.

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          The Governor-General to India, Lord Linlithgow, began dispatching die Indian troops to the battlefield, without consulting the Indian leaders. The Governor-General also declared emergency in India under Article 93 of the Act of 1935, to curb internal disorder. The Congress told the British government that if it is fighting Germany for die maintenance and extension of democracy, then it must first extend: full democracy to India. On 10 October 1939, the Congress pressed the government to free India after the war. The Viceroy, on 17 October 1939, made an official , statement, declaring that the British Government had promised to issue dominion status to India and the Act of 1935, was to be reconsidered after the war.

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