World Lion Day Is Observing Today: Get The Significance and History!!! 


World Lion Day Is Observing Today: Every year on August 10, World Lion Day will be celebrated to bring awareness, significance, and importance of the majestic creature on the planet. This day will also lay a path to knowing about the potential importance and extinction of the ‘King of The Jungle’. These creatures are currently in the part of its extinction due to numerous threats like poaching, hunting, and loss of habitat.

This day was formulated as World Lion Day in 2013 by the initiation of the Dereck and Beverly Joubert couples. This gigantic creature has a unique significance in the food chain hierarchy. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) report, the Asiatic Lion was marked in the list of endangered species.

Many organizations and governments have been taking serious initiatives to increase the counts of lions and also imposing serious punishments on the people who are doing action against this. The theme of the World Lion Day 2023 was not announced yet, whereas the theme of the World Lion Day 2022 was ‘Asiatic Lion’.

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