Work from Home will be Permanent Hereafter? Workers Knock the Company’s Doors!!

Work from Home will be Permanent Hereafter Workers Knock the Company’s Doors!!
Work from Home will be Permanent Hereafter Workers Knock the Company’s Doors!!

Work from Home Jobs: Forget Working Five Days A Week. Employees from the length and breadth of the globe demand to return the Work from Office Culture like the days before the Covid-19. Initially this work from home environment had happily invited from the workers. The employees who are spending their majority of the life time in the office thought that work from home is a heaven which gives space to spend time with their family and relatives. Later they know that work from office is a another form of the hell. To know the reason keep read this article.

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Work from Home culture is gives joy in the earlier stage to the workers slowly turns into stress and depression. The companies give lot of work to the employees. The repetition of heavy work and house hold routines make the employees tired. Especially female employees suffer from another level of stress. The workers have no time to spend with their children due to lot of works.

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Due to this extra working hours without the weekend off and work burden employees knock the doors of the company to again make the work from office culture as a routine. They all want to go office. The workers of India demand the Union government to fix the rules over this work from home culture. Consider the voice of the workers against this work from office environment which extent to the 7 days of the week without the week off.

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