Work From Home Reforms – Will Not Be Appropriate In India, Says Expert!!!

WFH reform
WFH reform

Work from Home Will Not Be Suitable in India – WFH pattern will Stress Women than Men!!! The Work from Home will not be Good Enough for India, says Expert. When some of them take side of Work from home pattern, others are suffering alot due to this new mode of work. The Expert states, this mode will not support the Growth and Development of Companies as well as the Countries.

The Workers feel that, if they continue to work in home – it may led to Weaken the Corporate Culture such as creativity, skills, talent discovery and negotiation. The Employees in the Poor Internet Connection Countries are getting affected the most. The Production of India was lower than its Neighboring countries, during the lockdown work from home period, as per the expert.

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As per the statement of a Market Leader, Request has be made for – get back to their regular workspace, in order to increase the Productivity of the country. According to his opinion, if we get back to our usual work pattern – there is chance of India overtaking the China’s Per Capita.

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There is also an issue that, WFH pattern is Stressing Women at the home than the Men – as they getting over burden with their household activities. Women are getting more Mentally Stress and Upset due this mode of work, according to Official Study Conducted. Let hope the issue prevailing in the WFH mode to get sort soon and expect market leaders to take major decision, which may take our Country to the path of Growth and Development.

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