Meals for COVID 19 Patients || TN Government Decision!!!

Free Meals for COVID 19 Patients TN Government Decision- Check Details!!!
Free Meals for COVID 19 Patients TN Government Decision- Check Details!!!

TN Government Decided to Provide Meals for COVID 19 Patients in Homes: Health and Family Welfare of Tamilnadu Subramanian has launched an initiative in Chennai. The initiative aims to provide meals for 3 times a day to the people who isolated in their homes affected by corona disease in the state. Now let’s check the details in this page.

Need of Nutrition Foods:

COVID 19 is a big problem since 2020 (last year). The COVID 19 pandemic has started last year. In Tamil Nadu, the corona 2nd wave is spreading at lightning speed and the number of victims is increasing unexpectedly day by day. Tamil Nadu tops the list of most affected states. The number of victims is more than 33 thousand per day. Patients are thus inconvenienced by the lack of space in hospitals due to the rising vulnerability. Lack of beds has created a dilemma for patients lying on the floor and receiving treatment. Apart from this problem, there are many people suffering from the disease. Beyond this problem, the people who are suffering from the COVID 19, who has no relatives, are lacking their nutrition foods.

New Scheme:

This will be a great problem. Because it is mandatory to the COVID 19 patients take healthy foods. Lacking of good foods will reduce their immunity. So the government is taking important decisions. The government says people with mild corona exposure and those with broken corona symptoms can be isolated in their homes. According to this, people isolate themselves at home when they have symptoms. Doctors have been giving them medical advice over the phone. Patients are also being provided with essential medicines. Following this, the government has introduced a scheme to feed the COVID 19 patients who has no one.

Some people who are isolated in their homes find it difficult to take care of themselves without family members. So, the state government has decided to provide them 3 times food per day.  The project was launched by the Minister of People’s Welfare Subramanian in Chennai today. Stay connected with is for the further updates regarding this.

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