TN Assembly Election 2021 Results, Who will take lead??? Live Updates!!!

TN Assembly Election 2021 Results, Who will take lead Let’s Check the Possibilities!!!
TN Assembly Election 2021 Results, Who will take lead Let’s Check the Possibilities!!!

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021 Results (Date, Counting Date, Live, District Wise, Winners List, Prediction, Opinion Poll, Survey, Exit Poll) Check Possibilities Here. Counting Process for Tamil Nadu assembly elections 2021 will be conducted on 02 May 2021. The election was held in a single phase on 06 April 2021 for the 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is among the five states that went to the polls in March and April. The other four states are Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, and Union Territory of Puducherry.

Live Updates:

In Tamil Nadu, the counting of votes for 234 assembly seats is underway under tight protection and in accordance with new Covid-19 guidelines. Authorities said the counting started at 8 a.m. in 75 counting centers throughout the nation, The process was begin with a count of postal ballots. This is the first election in Tamil Nadu since M Karunanidhi and J. Jayalalithaa, two of the state’s most powerful politicians, stepped down. Over the last few years, the void they left in the political arena has spawned new battlegrounds.

Early Trends shows DMK has high chance of winning and leading as a result of Ballot. For Live updates follow our blog. You can get immediate information about the TN Assembly Election Results and Early trends.

78 (71) 149 (120) 05 02 02 17 04 01 05 04


3.20 PM: Now, the counting process moving into the final processes.  The final results will be released soon. The DMK+ leads with 149 seats.

3.15 PM – DMK+ won in 04 Constituency  such as Vanthavasi, Kunnur, Vinnadikullam, Valparai Constituency with lot of difference and AIADMK won at Bhavani sakar Constituency and Kil Velur Constituency.

2.55 PM Now the Counting has been moving towards the results, The results of three Constituency were released by Election Commission.  DMK won in 03 Constituency and AIADMK has won in 01 Constituency.

2.40 PM – On Tamilnadu Polytechnic College, Thirumangalam counting centres, the 132nd Polling Machine was misplaced in the 134th Box during the 12th round of counting. The DMK was arguing with the election commission officer about the polling machine being misplaced. As a result, its counting process in Thirumangalam Constituency was temporarily halted.

01.45 PM – DMK Remains at top after several rounds in several Constituency.

01.25 PM -DMK cadres have flocked to Anna Arivalayam, the party’s headquarters in Chennai, as polls show the DMK-led coalition leading in the assembly elections.

01.10 PM – Minister Vijaya Bhaskar leads in Viralimalai constituency at the end of third round. The counting is delayed as a result of a voting machine repair. And AIADMK Chief Ministerial candidate Edappadi Palanichamy has a lead of 12,000 votes in the Edappadi constituency.

12.55 PM: DMK remains lead after several rounds of counting.

12.05 PM: After 04 hours of counting process; six to seven rounds are completed in several constituency the DMK+ gets leads with 138 seats up to 234 constituency. AIADMK+ possess 95 seats.

11.40 AM: The VIP Candidates getting lead at their own constituency. Stalin (DMK) leads at Kolathur constituency, Edapaadi Palanichamy leads in Edapaadi  constituency, Kamal hasan leads in Coimbatore and Kadambur Raju leads TTV Thinakaran with 19 vote difference at kovilpatti constituency and OPS leads with 350 vote on Poodi constituency.

11.15 AM: The number of polls in the district will affect the Rounds and Early Trends. Rounds and early trends will be released sooner in some districts, while in those with a high number of polls, the announcement will be delayed and the number of rounds will increase. At the end of the third round in Kulathoor, the DMK is in the lead.

10.42 AM: The Voting gets fluctuated, the Election commission counting the TN assembly Election Votes. As per the trends released by Election Commission DMK+ Leads by132 seats and AIADMK+ possess 101 seats and MNM possess 01 seats out of 234 seats in TN Legislative Assembly.

10.30 AM – DMK+ leads 134 seats out of 234 seats and AIADMK+ reaches 100 seats. Now, the election commission going to start counting the VIP Votes.

10.00 AM – DMK+ leads by 127 seats out of 222 and AIADMK+ possess 94 seats.

9.30 AM – DMK+ leads 105 seats out of 234 seats and AIADMK+ possess 70 seats.

8.57 AM – DMK+ leads again 13 Out of 22 in 234 seats, AIADMK+ possess 09 out of 22.

08.40 AM -DMK+ leads in postal votes (Ballots) in Virugambakkam constituency (DMK+ – 110, AIADMK+ – 38

08.00 AM – Counting Process Begins

The Election Commission of India is all set to begin the counting process on 02.05.2021. The counting of votes will start at 8 am and initial trends may get cleared by 10-11 am. A clear picture about the winning party with winning seats will be notified by around 5 pm.

Prior to the counting process, Various Media sources have released the Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections exit polls results. These Exit Poll results are publishing and broadcasting of exit poll results till 7 PM on April 29.

Let us check the Results of Tamil Nadu exit polls conducted by media sources:

ABP-Cvoter Exit Poll
Party Seats
DMK+ allies 160 to 172
AIADMK+ allies 58 to 70
MNM+ Allies 0
Others 0 to 7
Today’s Chanakya
DMK+ allies 164 to 186
AIADMK+ allies 46 to 68
MNM+ Allies 0
Others 0 to 8
IndiaToday-Axis My India
DMK+ allies 175 to 195
AIADMK+ allies 38 to 54
MNM+ Allies 0 to 2
Others 1 to 7
Republic-CNX Exit Poll
DMK+ allies 160 to 170
AIADMK+ allies 58 to 68
MNM+ Allies 0 to 2
AMMK+ Allies 4 to 6


The DMK-led opposition alliance respectively was projected ahead of their respective opponents by all the exit polls.  According to the most of Poll Results, MK Stalin-led DMK is expected to get higher number of seats than AIADMK. Earlier in the 2016 assembly election, AIADMK had secured 135 while DMK secured 98 seats.

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