This IT Firm Plans For Salary Hike!!! Check The Latest Increment News Here!!!

This IT Firm Plans For Salary Hike
This IT Firm Plans For Salary Hike

This IT Firm Plans For Salary Hike: Since 2023, in IT sectors mostly the news came about layoffs and the recession due to the crisis in the Indian economic status. But now, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has planned to give a salary hike to their employees for FY24.

According to the report, the Chief Human Resource Officer of TCS Mr.MilindLakkad announced this news and he states that the company is likely to give salary hikes for high performers by 12 – 15 % and the rest of the employees will get 1.5 – 8 % hike according to their performance.

This news boosts the employees amid the layoff news, the company also planning to give the hike, same as that of the previous year, even though the Q4 profit of the company is lower when compared to the estimates. This is a piece of happy news for the employees who are seeking a hike in recent times.

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