Tamil Nadu Lockdown: Permission to Open Vegetable and Fruit Shops???

Tamil Nadu Lockdown Permission to Open Vegetable and Fruit Shops
Tamil Nadu Lockdown Permission to Open Vegetable and Fruit Shops

Permission to open vegetable and fruit shops in Tamil Nadu? Information released. Chief Minister Stalin today held consultations with the authorities regarding the extension of the entire curfew in Tamil Nadu. It has been reported that there is some relaxation in the curfew currently in force.

A complete curfew has been implemented to prevent corona infection. Shops including grocery stores, vegetable shops, and fruit stalls were not allowed to open during the entire curfew. Thus all those shops are closed. The corporation administration has decided to sell the essential groceries, vegetables, and fruits on the streets for the convenience of the people living in Tamil Nadu, even though people have already bought their necessities for a week. Vegetables and fruits are being sold on the streets in vehicles through mobile vegetable shops.

In Chennai, vegetables and fruits will be distributed by 1,610 vehicles during the entire curfew and in other districts of Tamil Nadu by 2,770 vehicles, vegetables and fruits will be distributed.

According to the report, vegetables and fruits will be procured and distributed directly from farmers.

In the meeting, Top officials including Chief Secretary His Excellency, Health Secretary Radhakrishnan, DGP Tripathi, and Chennai Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal were present. An official announcement about the curfew and Vegetable shop opening has not been made yet.

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