Sources of Indian Constitution


Sources of Indian Constitution

Indian constitutional articles are taken from many countries. In this topic, important articles and from where it was taken are given. This topic is very important in Polity for UPSC and other all state public service commission board examination.

  1. England:
  • Parliament
  • Citizenship
  • Law Enforcement Process
  • Lok Sabha is more powerful than Rajiya Sabha
  • Cabinet and Prime Minister was its Head
  • President is name sake Head Like (Queen in England)
  1. America:
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Preamble
  • Independent Judiciary.
  • Appointment and Removal of Justice.
  • Judgment Appeal
  • President Roles
  • President is the Head of all three Forces
  • President is the Head of the Government

3. Ireland:

  • The guiding principle of the government
  • Election system of President
  • 12 Rajiya Sabha members was appointed by President
  1. Germany:
  • During Emergency- Cancellation of Fundamental Rights.
  1. Canada:
  • Union Government (Central + State Government)
  • Powerful Central Government
  • Sharing of Powers between State and Central government.
  1. Russia:
  • Fundamental Duties
  • Five Year Plan
  1. Australia:
  • Concurrent List
  • Central – State Government Relationship (Joint Sitting)
  • Preamble Language
  1. South Africa:
  • Amendments Procedure
  • Rajiya Sabha election
  1. France:
  • Republic Government
  1. Japan
  • Supreme Court

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