Social And Religious Movements In the Nineteenth Century Quiz


Social And Religious Movements In the Nineteenth Century Quiz

What was the primary effect of the Western conquest and Western culture on the new social awakening in India?

Who pioneered the movement leading to the Widow Remarriage Act?

Pick out the correct activity out of the following performed by Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

Brahmo Samaj was founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the year?

After the death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the control of Brahmo Samaj movement was taken over by?

A reform movement within Hinduism named ‘Prartha Samaj’ was founded by

The principles of the doctrine of Arya Samaj were expressed in the book?

Narendrnnath was the real nnme of which of the following reformers?

Who was invited to the ‘Parliament of Religious’ in 1893?

The Parliament of Religious' was hold in 1893 in the city of?

The Theosophical Society was originally founded by?

Theosophical Society was established in India in 1886 at the place?

The name of the first Hindi newspaper published in India was?

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