Singular and Plural Nouns – General English Study Material


Singular and Plural Nouns – General English Study Material

Notes – 1


-us – changes to

  1. Radius Radii – Radii of a circle are same
  2. Genius genii – Indians are genii
  3. Alumnus Alumni – We are the alumni of Anna University
  4. Syllabus Syllabi – These syllabi must be modified

-um-changes to

  1. Datum Data We store more data in computer
  2. Bacterium Bacteria Bacteria have wide range of shapes
  3. Criterion Criteria These criteria are the reasons for the development

-‘a’- changes to (‘ae’)

  1. Formula Formulae I learnt all the formulae

-ex – add – (es)

  1. Index Indexes Faces are the indexes of mind.
  2. Matrix Matrices These matrices will work well

-es – Changes to (is)

  1. Analysis Analyses These analysis are the base.

Vowel changes

  1. tooth teeth We have 32 teeth in our mouth.
  2. Knife knives There are three knives on the plate.
  3. Mouse mice Grains are eaten by the mice.

No changes

  1. Furniture furniture These furniture are costly.
  2. Scenery scenery She painted all these scenery.
  3. Baggage, Information, Deer, Sheep, Innings, Scenary.


  1. Child children Children like sweets.
  2. Ox oxen Oxen are used for ploughing.

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