Order to Teach Full Portion; from Grade 1 to 12 !! Breaking News!!

Order to Teach Full Portion
Order to Teach Full Portion

Order to Teach Full Portion in Tamil Nadu; from Grade 1 to 12th!! Breaking News!!Due to COVID-19 the Schools and colleges were closed since March 2020. Now the COVID case count decreasing. The schools and colleges are reopened and the situations getting normal. According to this, the Tamil Nadu Government order to teach the entire full portion from Grade 1 to 12th. This news is very shocking among students. They have to learn all the entire lessons for the test. Check details here.

Online classes were going on in the situation of COVID due to this it is difficult to complete the full portion but now it is a time for the offline classes. So, following the order of Govt to cover the full portion through offline examination. It is time to prepare well and score well don’t get shocked follow it and prepare well.

The school education department has directed that all classes from first to twelfth grade be taught in full. Educational institutions in Tamil Nadu have been unable to function efficiently over the past two years due to the corona. The reopening of schools and the teaching of live classes began in February of last year. Following that, students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades took a broad test. For students in grades 1 through 9, a full-year examination was also held.

After a summer vacation for students that began on May 13 last year, the schools reopened as scheduled yesterday. Anbil Mahesh, the Minister of Education, had said about the government arranging for free books, clothes, and notes to be distributed to students on the first day of school, all within 20 days.

The School Education Department has given an order to conduct full classes from 1st to 12th grade in this situation. Due to corona, classes were curtailed for two years; however it is now recommended that full lessons be resumed. If educational institutions were given more holidays by the Corona, classes were held on Saturdays as well. According to the Department of Education, however, holidays will be offered on all Saturdays throughout the current academic year.

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