Only 75% of the fee is collected; Private Schools are Warned Again!!

Only 75% of the fee is collected
Only 75% of the fee is collected

Only 75% of the fee is collected; Private Schools are Warned Again!!!!Chennai schools are again warned about the tuition fee collection, only 75% will be collected by the Schools announced to them. Details are below.

School Education officials in Chennai have warned that private schools will only charge 75% of the fees for the current academic year. After the summer break, all schools are set to reopen on the 13th of this month. Work has also begun on compiling a pass list for the pupils who will be departing.

Furthermore, private schools are starting to collect tuition for the following academic year. According to the Chennai High Court, schools are only allowed to charge 75% of the fees that have already been set. On behalf of the Education Officers and the Directorate of Matriculation, instructions have been issued.

Indirect charges should not be applied to donations for new students, such as donations, building funds, and trust funds. There will be legal action taken against you. As a result, it is forewarned.

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Due to COVID the fee collection are announced by the Government to reduce it. After that, now they also announced the collection of Tuition fee is to be reduced to 75% in the current academic year. If any issued regarding this came the Official will take severe action about this. The private schools are again warned by the Education Official in Chennai.

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