Over 800 Employees Reign their Jobs after Company ends WFH: Shocking Report!!!

Over 800 Employees Reign their Jobs after Company ends WFH
Over 800 Employees Reign their Jobs after Company ends WFH

Over 800 Employees Reign their Jobs after Company ends WFH: Due to Covid-19 Information Technology Companies found a new way to run their companies called Work from Home. In WFH nothing but workers do the same work in their home as what they did in their offices. Initially, Workers started to criticize WFM then later most of them adapted to it.

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The main reason that why people started to like WFM is they can balance their work life and personal life. In India major IT companies were located in metro cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, etc., most of the employees traveled to the cities for jobs and leave their families in their hometowns.

But from WFH they relocated to their hometown. Even their expenses also reduced drastically. So, most of the employees started to like their new working method. Now the covid-19 infection rate reduced and IT companies started to call their employees to offices. But workers don’t want to go to offices because they are doing some work at their home very comfortably.

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 So, some the IT companies introduced Hybrid modules, in which is workers can work from their homes and they have to visit offices when needed. IT employees welcome this new working module. Some private firms started to take surveys from IT Employees regarding their working modules. In it, most of them said they liked WFH and they are willing to leave their jobs if they want to work at offices even with better pay.

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That statement actually happened today. Around 800 employees decided to resign from their jobs because they asked to work at the office. WhiteHat Jr, a platform to learn coding was acquired by BYJU’S. Their employees were working from home. Now the company asked their employees to come to offices. The employees don’t want to come to the office after they were forced around 800 employees resigned their job.

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Employees say that “Their salaries should be revised to match living costs in expensive cities.” A former employee said that “As part of our back-to-work drive, most of our Sales and Support employees have been asked to report to Gurgaon and Mumbai offices from April 18. We have made exceptions for medical and personal exigencies and have offered relocation assistance as required. Our teachers will continue to work from home.”

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