Ocean Currents


Ocean Currents

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In this topic we have provided ocean current name, type and their flowing ocean. This is important topic for UPSC Group 1 exams. Surely this will help for the students those who are prepare for the competitive exams.

Atlantic Ocean:

Ocean Current Type
Atlantic Ocean - Northern hemisphereNorth Equatorial CurrentWarm Current
Antilles CurrentWarm Current
Florida CurrentWarm Current
Gulf StreamWarm Current
Artic OceanLabrador CurrentCold Current
East Greenland CurrentCold Current
Atlantic OceanNorth Atlantic DriftWarm Current
Norwegian CurrentWarm Current
Canaries CurrentCold Current
Atlantic Ocean: Southern HemisphereSouth Equatorial CurrentWarm Current
Falkland CurrentCold Current
Brazil CurrentWarm Current
South Atlantic CurrentCold Current
Benguela CurrentCold Current

Pacific Ocean:

Ocean Current Type
Pacific Ocean: Northern HemisphereKuroshio Current Warm Current
Oyashio Current Cold Current
North Equatorial CurrentWarm Current
Alaska CurrentWarm Current
California CurrentCold Current
Pacific Ocean: Southern HemisphereEquatorial Counter Current Warm Current
North Equatorial CurrentWarm Current
East Australian CurrentWarm Current
South Pacific CurrentCold Current
Peru Current or Humbolt Current.Cold Current
West Wind DriftCold Current

Indian Ocean:

Ocean Current Type
Indian Ocean Northern Hemisphere during winterNorth East Monsoon DriftWarm Current
SummerSouth West Monsoon DriftWarm Current
Indian Ocean: Southern HemisphereMozambique CurrentWarm Current
Agulhas CurrentWarm Current
West Australian CurrentCold Current
Equatorial Counter Current Warm Current
South Equatorial CurrentWarm Current
West Wind DriftCold Current

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