IT Employees disagree with RishadPremji of Wipro on Moonlighting!!

IT Employees disagree with Rishad Premji of Wipro on Moonlighting!!
IT Employees disagree with Rishad Premji of Wipro on Moonlighting!!

IT workers disagree with RishadPremji of Wipro on Moonlighting: “It’s not cheating”!! Details Here!!IT workers disagree with Wipro’s RishadPremji about moonlighting, saying that it’s not cheating. Check details here and refer the full information.

Companies and their HR executives frequently look down on the practise of moonlighting, which involves taking on work and responsibilities outside of one’s regular job. However, Business Today found out from a few IT workers that these side jobs assist people in developing strong personal brands and enhancing income sources.

The topic of tech industry employees moonlighting has recently generated a lot of discussion. The executive chairman of Wipro, RishadPremji, is the most recent participant in the discussion. On Saturday, he tweeted that this approach was “cheating- plain and simple.”

He wrote on Twitter: “There is a lot of talk about people doing second jobs in the tech sector. This is straightforwardly cheating.

Here, the term “moonlighting” refers to the practise of accepting additional jobs and responsibilities while working full-time for an organisation. The majority of organisations disapprove of this practise, and many have rules against it by putting restrictions in employment contracts.

Despite this, the pandemic’s introduction of the “work from home” mentality made it simpler for employees to start side businesses.

Premji’s point of view may not be shared by all young technologists, though. Under the condition of anonymity, a 26-year-old Pune resident who works for a reputable IT company disagreed with Premji’s viewpoint on moonlighting.

The 23-year-old creates Twitter bots for advertising objectives. “My pay ranges from Rs.7, 000 to Rs.12,000, depending on how difficult the bot is. Since most bots share the same fundamental code, it doesn’t take long. Every month, I construct three to four bots,” he said.

The 26-year-old interestingly revealed that her side business pays her more than her current full-time employment.I take on brief tasks, which can last anywhere from three and five weeks, she said. In the same amount of time as my day work, I make up to three times as much money. Additionally, the visibility I receive is priceless.

Another worker in the IT field emphasised the advantages of side jobs. Even though my firm doesn’t approve this approach, it actually helps my profile, he told BT.”All these ventures help me establish my profile,” the 23-year-old remarked. I can demonstrate how I constructed some difficult projects if I apply for a master’s degree overseas.

The money he earns from his side business will also be used to pay for his master’s degree, which he says he is saving. Particularly in current economy, higher education is incredibly expensive.

However, an HR professional emphasised the reasons why this behaviour is discouraged in most workplaces. Working as a freelancer in the same sector as your employer presents a conflict of interest, according to IchaPathak, an HR manager at a digital startup.

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