IT Company in Tamil Nadu Plans to Free Matchmaking for Marriage and Increased Salaries!!!

IT Company in Tamil Nadu resorts to Free Matchmaking for Marriage and Increased Salaries!!!
IT Company in Tamil Nadu resorts to Free Matchmaking for Marriage and Increased Salaries!!!

IT Company in Tamil Nadu Plans to Free Matchmaking for Marriage and Increased Salaries. Companies nowadays use a variety of methods to keep their staff at work. Some businesses also provide employees with everything from home coverage to mental health benefits. A similar IT firm in Madurai is now being discussed. Because this company has made such promises to its employees, it will startle them and set them apart from the competition.

Shree Mookambika Infosolutions (SMI), a Madurai-based IT firm, has offered its employees free matchmaking services as well as a pay raise if they marry.

It provides free matching services, a special increment when any employee marries, and six-month increments for all employees. As a result, attrition has been consistently below 10% for several years. SMI and its affiliate companies now employ 750 people, with approximately 40% of them having worked there for more than five years.

“Our strength came from our willingness to help others and our confidence in hard work. We realised it would be impossible to create such a community in a Tier-1 city where everything is commercial. Madurai was chosen because it matched our DNA “M P Selvaganesh, the founder and CEO of SMI, which has annual revenues of close to 100 crore, says

Selvaganesh began his career in a textile mill in Tirupur before moving to Bengaluru to work in IT. He subsequently went to work for IBM, then left to start SMI.”My experience as a production manager at a textile mill, where I had to balance the expectations of owners for higher returns on investment with the wishes of workers for higher wages, was beneficial. It’s all about being the link between clients and staff in this case “Selvaganesh says

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From the beginning, there was a marriage increase. However, matchmaking took place afterwards. “They treat me like a brother, and several of them are from villages, with either elderly parents or a worldview that prevents them from finding the ideal match. Through a network of ‘alliance makers,’ we assist such employees. Weddings are the most enjoyable gatherings; the entire crew rents vans and attends “he claims

Every two years, the corporation gives all employees a fixed 6 percent to 8% raise.SMI provided a quarterly increment in 2021, when the turnover rate for the entire industry was reaching new highs, with particular covering for the Top 40 or Top 80 personnel.

“We have a number of long-term employees.” We can’t take them for granted and assume they’ll stay put. We give them their due even before they have the thought. When employees confront difficulties, they contact me personally. To build such ties, we must commit time and money and be honest in our approach. “Don’t just look at things from a business standpoint,” he says.

Accountability and cost management, on the other hand, are critical. “Every year, we kick the bottom 4% – 5% of performers out.” Majority of voluntary attrition are women who quit after marriage. Even if one includes all that, our attrition level will still be less than 13%, a number that IT companies in Tier I cities can only aspire to,” rounds off Selvaganesh.

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