Individual Civil Disobedience History Study Materials


Individual Civil Disobedience History Study Materials

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            The political crisis in India was deepening and the Congressmen looked upon Gandhi to lead them. Gandhi did not want to do anything that would bring political disorder in the country in the critical war situation. He restored to a novel form of Satyagraha, the individual satyagraha, which kept the torch of nationalism burning. It hada symbolic character  against the attitude of the government.It drew the attention of the world at large to the right to self-determination.

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            Lord Linlithgow described the August Movement of 1942 as the most serious revolt after the Sepoy mutiny.Some places even saw large scale peasants’ participation. In November 1940, the individual Satyagraha started and Vinoba Bhave became the first satyagrahi and Jawaharlal Nehru the second. They were followed by more than 30,000 individuals who courted imprisonment in this movement. Thismovement continued during 1940-1941, and almost the entinZT™ leadership was in prison.

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