The Biggest Job Crisis would Arise In India – How to Solve this by New age curriculum?

The Biggest Job Crisis would Arise In India
The Biggest Job Crisis would Arise In India

 The Biggest Job Crisis would Arise In India – How to Solve this by New age curriculum?  There has been a lot of confusion and problems around the Indian educational system across the country. In this situation the global data reveals that by the year 2030 the nature of jobs would have changed. This urges to the implementation of new educational system. Even now, with modernization and growing demands from industry students are expected to be highly intellectual in studies and skills too.

There is one solution which preferred for all these problem is to develop a new-age curriculum among students. So, the Indian educational system have to strengthen and develop strong moral and ethical values to students and make them creative to solve the real problems around them. Meanwhile, the post-pandemic period is expanding and changing into a new-age technological era. So, the educational system should re-innovated from it’s outdated education curriculum, the experts expect.

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Moreover, digitisation and technological advancement becoming more faster and it urges the students to manipulate some special skills along with their studies. Particularly many Indian corporates have been recruiting students from college and university campuses year after year and it train them for four to six months before get the job. On considering this, India’s educational system have to change for the needs in the job market.

Now, we can connect the gap between academics and skills through adding vocational learning with options of gaining early internships, update our education system’s evaluation process with individual assessment and a credit-based grading system, Cognitive reasoning and problem-solving and so on. By establishing this we can make professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders for future India.

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