Important Indian Wars


Important Indian Wars

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Wars is important topic in history for all competitive exams like UPSC, and all state public service commission exams. In this topic, we have given year of the war, battle between whom and important details of the Battle. Hope this will give you important details about the Indian war.

1First Battle of Tarain1191Prithiviraj Chauhan Vs Mohammed GhoriPrithiviraj won the battle. Tarain place is near Thanesar in present day Haryana. These 2 battles are also known as Battles of Taraori.
2.        Second Battle of Tarain1192Prithiviraj Chauhan Vs Mohammed GhoriMohammed Ghori returned for revenge and he won the battle. He entered India through Khyber pass.
3.        Battle of chandawar1194Jaichandra Vs Mohammed GhoriGhori defeated Jaichandra, the king of Kanauj. The battle was fought at Chandwar (modern Firozabad), on the Yamuna River close to Agra.
4.        First Battle of Panipat1526, 21 th AprilBabur Vs Ibrahim LodiBabur (means” lion”) defeated and killed Ibrahim Lodi and started the rule Mughals in India. He was the first emperor of Mughal dynasty.
Panipat is present Haryana.
Ibrahim Lodi, the last king in Lodi dynasty. The death of Ibrahim Lodi ended the Delhi Sultanate (means Muslim Kingdoms).
5.        Battle of Khanwa1527, 17 th MarchBabur Vs Rajput forces led by Rana sanga.Khanwa is in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan.
Babur defeated Rajput forces.
6.        Battle of Chanderi1528, JanuaryBabur Vs Medini Rai KhangarBabur won this battle and chanderi came under Mughal kingdom.
Chanderi is in Madhya Pradesh.
Medini rai was the ruler of Malwa.
7.        Battle of Ghaghra1529, May 6Babur Vs Eastern Afghans with Sultanate of Bengal.Ghaghra is a river near bihar.
Babur decisive victory.
Eastern Afghan Confederates  under Sultan Mahmud Lodi and  Sultanate of Bengal  under  Sultan   Nusrat Shah .
8.        Battle of chausa1539, 26 th JuneHumayun vs sher shah suriChausa is in bihar.
Humayun was a Mughal emporer and sher shah was founder of sur emporer.
Sher Shah was victorious and crowned himself Farid al-Din Sher Shah.
9.        Battle of kanauj1540, 17 th MayHumayun vs sher shah suriKanauj is in Uttar Pradesh.
Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun .
10Second Battle of Panipat1556, 5 th NovemberAkbar Vs HemuHemu had conquered  Delhi  by defeating the Mughals led by  Tardi Beg Khan  at the  Battle of Delhi. Akbar and his guardian,  Bairam Khan , had immediately marched to Delhi to reclaim the city . The wounded Hemu was captured and beheaded by Bairamkhan.
11First Battle of Carnatic war.1746- 1748Santha Saheb(French) Vs Nawab of arcot(British).(Both are son in law of Hyderabad Nizam)Santha sahib was supported by French East India company and Arcot Nawab was supported by British east India company. Finally British east India company stood their legs firmly in south india.
12Second Battle of Carnatic war.1749 - 1754Nazeer jung (French)(son of Hyderabad Nizam)Vs Musafer Jung(British) (Grandson of Hyderabad nizam ul-mulk )Santha sahib and Musafer Jung were supported by French East India company and Nazeer jung and Arcot Nawab was supported by British east India company. 1751 Robert clive, Head of British east India company captured Arcot. Finally Pondicherry Pact was signed in 1754 to end the war.
13Third Battle of Carnatic war.1758-1763British East India Company Vs French East India CompanyIt was considered as continuation of seven years Europe war.
Finally British Won the battle and captured Pondicherry and Gingee Fort. In 1763, Paris pact was signed to end the 7years Europe war and third Carnatic war.
14Battle of Plassey1757, 23 rd JuneRobert Clive (British East India Company) Vs Sirajuddaulah (Nawab of Bengal)British East India Company Won the Battle and annexed Bengal to British East India Company. This battle won was considered as first step of brutish governance in India.
15Battle of Buxar1764, 22 nd OctoberHector Munro (British East India Company) Vs Mir Qasim (Nawab of bengal) and Mughal emperor Shah Allam.British East India Company won the Battle and strongly fixed their foot print in Indian governance.

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