Important Events Of November – 30

Important Events Of November - 30
Important Events Of November - 30

Computer Security Day

  • Computer Security Day began in 1988, around the time that computers were becoming commonplace, even if they were yet to become ubiquitous in homes. The 1980s saw not only increased usage of computers, especially in business and government, and the internet was in its early stages.
  • These days, electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers make up an important component of our everyday lives. While communication has become easier and more efficient than ever before, these technological advancements have brought with them new concerns about privacy and security. There’s even a holiday dedicated to keeping your online data safe and secure – it’s fittingly called Computer Security Day.

Jegadish Chandra Bose Birth Day


  • He was born on November 30, 1858 in Bangladesh.
By The Birth Centenary Committee, printed by P.C. Ray (Acharya Jagadis Chandra Bose, Birth Centenary) [Public domain, Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  • He was a polymath, physicist, biologist, biophysicist, botanist and archaeologist and an early writer of science fiction.
  • He was an Indian scientist who revealed the truth to the fact that plants are alive.
  • He pioneered the investigation of radio and microwave optics, made significant contributions to plant science and laid the foundations of experimental science in the Indian subcontinent.
  • IEEE named him one of the fathers of radio science.Bose is considered the father of Bengali science fiction and also invented the crescograph a device for measuring the growth of plants.
  • A crater on the moon has been named in his honour.
  • He was also the first to study the action of microwaves in plant tissues and corresponding changes in the cell membrane potential.
  • He researched the mechanism of the seasonal effect on plants, the effect of chemical inhibitors on plant stimuli and the effect of temperature.
  • Bose has composed two of the finest books and received a glimpse of the world.The books are Response in the Living and Non-Living and another one is The Nervous Mechanism of Plants.
  • 22 mm The first 5 mm Bose found an instrument that generated electromagnetic waves of the wavelength and detecting their partial-quasi-optical properties. Stimuli found all the common reactions.
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  • He died on 23 November 1937 (age 78).

Janaki Ramachandran Birth Day


  • She was born on November 30, 1923.
By Ruwanwiki [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


  • First Woman Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • Vaikom Narayani Janaki or commonly known as V. N. Janaki was a Tamil actress and politician.
  • The famous actor and former Tamil Nadu chief minister M.G.Ramachandran is the third wife.
  • G.R. After the death of December 24, 1987, Janaki was appointed Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 7 January 1988.But he lost the coup on January 30, 1988, because her were not able to prove their confidence in the legislature in party members.


  • She died on May 19, 1996 (age 73).

Indira Kumar Gujral Memorial Day


  • Gujral was born on 4 December 1919 in Jhelum in undivided Punjab in British India.
By Biswarup Ganguly [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons


  • He was an Indian politician who served as the 12th Prime Minister of India from April 1997 to March 1998.
  • Gujral was the third PM to be from the Rajya Sabha. He was actively involved in the Indian Independence Movement and was arrested and imprisoned in the Quit India movement in 1942.
  • Gujral became vice-president of the New Delhi Municipal Committee in 1958 and joined the Congress party (INC) in 1964. Gujral resigned from the Indian National Congress party in the 1980s. Then he joined the Janata Dal.
  • Subsequent to the 1996 election when the United Front government was formed under the premiership of D. Deve Gowda, Gujral was again named Minister of External Affairs.
  • The United Front elected Gujral as their new leader and he was sworn in as Prime Minister on 21 April 1997.
  • The snap election was held in February–March 1998.Gujral contested again from Jalandhar as Janata Dal candidate with the support of the Shiromani Akali Dal.
  • The Akali Dal though a part of BJP-led coalition opted to support Gujral because during his Prime Ministerial tenure Gujral declared that the central government will share the expenses against the insurgency in Punjab during the 1980’s and early 1990’s along with the state government of Punjab.


  • He died on 30 November 2012.


  • 1872 – The first-ever international football match takes place at Hamilton Crescent Glasgow between Scotland and England.
  • 1995 – The Gulf War ended.
  • 1962 – U Thant of Burma was elected as the 3rd General Secretary of the United  Nations Association.

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