Important Events Of May-30


Important Events Of May-30

Alexey Leonov Birth Day


  • He was born on May 30, 1934 in Russia.

By NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  • He is a retired Soviet/Russian cosmonaut, Air Force Major general, writer and artist.
  • On 18 March 1965, he became the first human to conduct extravehicular activity (EVA), exiting the capsule during the Voskhod 2 mission for a 12-minute spacewalk.
  • Arthur C. Clarke ‘s 2010: Odyssey devoted two books to Leonow and Andrei Sakharov.
  • Alexei Lionov received the award of the heroine of the Soviet Union twice in 1965 and 1975.
  • He was awarded the Lenin award.
  • Order of the Red Star.
  • Jubilee Medal 40,50,60,70 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR.
  • Alexey Leonov on Soviet Union 1965 Stamp 10 kopeks.

Time in space: 7days 00hours 32 minutes

Missions: Voskhod 2, Soyuz 19/ASTP

Selection: Air Force Group 1

Wilbur Wright Memorial Day


  • He was born on April 16, 1867.

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Wilbur Wright and his brother Orville Wright are the inventors of the United States and aircraft pilots.
  • They building and flying the world’s first successful airplane.
  • Wilbur Wright and his brother Orville Wright are called as The Wright Brothers.
  • First of December 17 , 1903, in twelve seconds of the driving engine of the vehicle flew achievers.


  • He died on May 30, 1912.
Sundara Ramasamy Birth Day


  • He was born on May 30, 1931 Tamil Nadu.


  • He is one of the finest writers of modern Tamil literature.
  • He was a novelist, short story writer and poet, and has been influential in many literary genres.
  • He wrote poems in the Pseudonym Name Pasavayya. In his junior seasonT.R. Raghunathan was very much interested in.
  • He started writing in the journalist Shanti , who was the editor of the Th.M.
  • In 1953, he received the first prize for the ‘Water’ story written by ‘Shanthi Magazine.


  • The Story of a Sullivan (1966)
  • Sundara Ramasamy Short Story Full Version(2006)
  • Air erosion in the air
  • Itham thandha Varikal(2002)
  • The Violence Against the Legacy (2006)
  • Living sets (2005)


  • Kumaran Asan Memorial Award.
  • Iyal Award by The Tamil Literary Garden for Lifetime achievement in 2001.
  • Katha Chudamani Award in 2004.
  • Sundara Ramasamy Tamil Computing Award is awarded annually to honor the contributions of Tamil Computing and Information Technologies.Sunanda Ramasamy is awarded annually for the young creator of literature by Sundar Ramasamy.


  • He died on October 14, 2005.

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