Important Events of March – 3


Important Events of March – 3

World Hearing Day 

  • World Hearing Day is held each year on March 3rd to promote hearing.
  •  The first event was held in 2007.
  • Events have worked to increase knowledge about noise induced hearing loss and measures to prevent it.
  • Before 2016 it was known as International Ear Care Day.
  • The day is coordinated and publicized by the World Health Organization.
  • World Hearing Day is a campaign held each year by Office of Prevention of Blindness and Deafness of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Activities take place across the globe and an event is hosted at the World Health Organization on March 3rd. The campaign’s objective is to share information and promote actions towards the prevention of hearing loss and improved hearing care.
  •  Each year, the WHO selects a theme, develops educational materials, and makes these freely available in several languages. It also coordinates and reports on events around the globe.

2019 theme

The theme of the campaign for 2019 is “Check your hearing” as data from both developed and developing countries indicate that a significant part of the burden associated with hearing loss comes from unaddressed hearing difficulties.

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