Google and MapmyIndia’s overlay of Panoramic Street views: Adds a new dimension to Maps!!!

Google and MapmyIndia's overlay of Panoramic Street views - Adds a new dimension to Maps!!!
Google and MapmyIndia's overlay of Panoramic Street views - Adds a new dimension to Maps!!!

Google and MapmyIndia’s overlay of Panoramic Street views: Adds a new dimension to Maps.The competition amongst navigation apps has suddenly erupted. After an approximately six-year hiatus, Google is once again making Street View available on Google Maps in India. As a result, Google Maps will now feature panoramic photos of popular locations in Ten Indian Cities. Additionally, it will now include information on speed limits and collaborate with traffic departments in numerous cities to provide information on traffic and road safety.

According to India’s geospatial strategy, which was announced last year, foreign map providers can offer panoramic imagery by purchasing data licences from local partners.

The fact that MapmyIndia, an Indian mapping provider, has also announced the launching of MapplsRealView applications with updated maps and panoramic street views may not be entirely coincidental. The MapplsRealView, similar to Google Street View, enables users to explore a location or an area using 360-degree photos taken at street level. This could provide better directions and a feel of the location.

Google has now worked with Indian businesses Tech Mahindra and Genesys International to comply with the most recent regulations after previously being unable to introduce this function in India.

According to Miriam Karthika Daniel, vice president of Google Maps Experiences, “We anticipate the launch of Street View in India will be essential in offering a more useful user experience, from virtually seeing locales to obtaining a better understanding of local businesses and establishments.”

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According to what we have seen thus far, the street view panoramic overlays that are currently available are just the beginning, and there is still much work to be done before Indian cities’ landmarks are nearly completely covered. For either platform, that is accurate.

Both MapplsRealView and Google Maps Street View use multi-directional photos stitched into one large panoramic image in the same way to offer viewers a greater sense of the place and direction virtually, as though they are physically present there and looking about. For the past 15 years, Google has been working on this feature and has gathered more than 220 billion Street View photographs from more than 100 nations and territories.

Specifically near military installations, high-security zones, and borders, the government raised security concerns in 2016, leading to the government’s decision to deny Google permission to gather photographs for Street View. Since that time, when India unveiled its geospatial policy last year, the policies for data collecting and localization have been clarified. The rule permitted Google to resume work on Street View with Indian businesses.

MapmyIndia and Google Street View

India’s MapplsRealView would mostly depend on city-specific clearances, which should prevent them from entering sensitive or high-security areas. Even however, there is still a long way to go until all significant locations and landmarks, even in the cities that have some coverage already, appear in panorama photographs. The majority of monuments and tourist attractions, however, have panorama pictures available.

When you view the immediate location through the camera on your phone, Live View, a different feature of Google Street View that is accessible in other countries, provides extra realism with overlays like distance markets, arrows, and direction instructions. The imminent introduction of Live View in India has not been confirmed by Google India.

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