The Early Phase of Freedom Struggle Study Material


The Early Phase of Freedom Struggle Study Material

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On 30 December 1989, Lord Curzon took over as the new viceroy of India. Lord Curzon ordered the partition of Bengal in 1905. He wanted to improve the administrative efficiency in that huge and populous region, where the Bengali Hindu intelligentsia exerted considerable influence on local and national politics. The partition of Bengal came into effect on 16 October 1905, through a royal proclamation. The partition created a new province of East Bengal, which later became East Pakistan, the present day Bangladesh. The government explained that the partition was for stimulating the growth of the under developed eastern region of Bengal.


            The swadeshi Movement had its genesis in the anti-partition movement started to oppose the British decision to divide Bengal. With the start of the Swadeshi Movement at the turn of the century, the Indian national movement took a major leap forward. The richness of the movement was not confined to politics alone. Women, students and a large section of the urban and a rural population of Bengal and other parts of India became actively involved in the national movement.

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