Daily Current Affairs 23rd October 2022

Daily Current Affairs 23rd October 2022
Daily Current Affairs 23rd October 2022

Daily Current Affairs 23rd October 2022

National News

Indian Navy wail join 3 more submarines in 2024

  • One nuclear powered submarine and two diesel-electric submarines will be added to the Indian Navy’s submarine fleet in 2024 and the now Indian Navy has 4 Scorpene-type submarines.
  • Out of these, the 5th ship will be INS Wakeer and the 6th Scorpene submarine will be named INS Wasqeer and will be commissioned in 2024.

International News

Hand Gun sales are ban in Canada

  • In order to reduce rising violence Canada government has banned the sale, purchase and exchange of handguns.
  • And the ban came into effect on October 21, 2022, and was announced by the Prime Minister of the country, Justin Trudeau.

22nd amendment to the Sri Lanka political system was passed

  • The Government of Sri Lanka has amended its constitution to limit the powers of the President.
  • The Sri Lankan Parliament passed an amendment to limit the powers of the President, strengthen anti-corruption measures and help the country recover from its worst economic crisis.

State news

Mumbai’s first differently-abled playground opens at Joggers Park

  • A dedicated play ground for specially-abled children is opening for the first time in the city at the popular sea-facing Joggers Park in Bandra West.
  • Around 9,000-square-feet of space in the park, which attracts citizens from all over Mumbai-is reserved for the differently-abled with rides and other play equipment. These include wheelchair swings, arm movers, play boards etc.


Nagarajan Venkataraman appointed as President of AIIMS Madurai

  • Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone of Madurai AIIMS on 27th January 2019. After two and a half years laying the foundation stone, the loan agreement with Japan’s JICA was signed in March 2021.
  • The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has announced the appointment of Dr. Nagarajan Venkataraman, who is the head of V.N. Neurology Specialty Hospital in Madurai, as the head of AIIMS Madurai.

Giorgia Meloni Appointed as Prime Minister of Italy

  • Giorgia Meloni is sworn in as Italy’s first woman prime minister, Italy’s first far-right government since World War II.
  • Earlier, Mario Draghi became Prime Minister in 2021 with the support of coalition parties in Italy. He resigned from his post due to the economic crisis in the country.

Science and Technology

The moon goes away from the earth

  • Scientists have found that the Moon is moving away from the Earth by 3.8 cm every year, which is likely to cause changes in climate, a phenomenon that has been going on for billions of years.
  • Scientists have discovered that when the moon appeared, it was closest to the earth at a distance of 14 thousand miles and now it is 250 thousand miles away from the earth.

GSLV M-3  rocket will be launching in space

  • ISRO’s GSLV, Mach-3 type LVM3-M2 rocket carrying 36 communication satellites from UK-based OneWeb organisation will be launched on October 22, 2022 at midnight. .
  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) designs satellites for national security and other research and launches them with the help of PSLV – GSLV type rockets.
  • PSLV- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
  • GSLV – Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

Pneumonia microbes  was Discovered on the space station

  • Chennai IIT and America’s ‘NASA Jet Propulsion’ Laboratory have jointly studied the interaction between microorganisms in the International Space Station and has been found Klebsiella pneumonia microbe .
  • There is no fear about the microbes found in the space and also the study was helpful in learning how microbes in space adapt to microgravity.

Book publication

An English book written by retired Justice AK Rajan released

  • The release ceremony of the English book ‘Constitution of India: Is Not What it is’ written by retired judge AK Rajan of Madras High Court was held at Marinavalakam Platinum Jubilee College of Chennai University on Oct. 22, 2022.
  • The first copy of the book was received by Ravi Varma Kumar, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court and former Advocate General of the Government of Karnataka.


Indian-American activist Swadesh Chatterjee presented with highest state honor award in North Carolina

  • Eminent Indian-American entrepreneur and activist Swadesh Chatterjee, has been received the highest award by the US state of North Carolina.
  • Chatterjee has been strengthening the US-India relationship over the past thirty years

Sports news

Asian Youth Chess Championship 2022

  • In the Asian Youth Chess Championship held in Indonesia, India’s Madhvendra Pratap Sharma won a total of six Gold medals combining both individual and team, one each in three formats – Classical, Rapid and Blitz.
  • Charvi won five Gold and one Silver, Bhagyashree earned three Gold and Ethan two Gold, two Silver and one Bronze.
  • India wins 46 medals at Asian Youth Chess Championships 2022

Important day

Mole Day

  • Mole Day is celebrated annually on October 23 from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM. It commemorates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10²³), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.
  • Mole Day was created as a way to foster interest in chemistry. Schools throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Mole Day with various activities related to chemistry.

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