Coming of the European in India Study Materials


Coming of the European in India Study Materials

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The Coming of the Europeans

      Europeans reached the Indian shores in search of wealth and power. In 1498. Portuguese traders became the first to discover the sea route to India when a Portuguese voyager arrived at Calicut on the western coast of India. The Dutch followed them in 1595, the English in 1600 and at last, the French in 1664. All these Europeans came to India for free trade.

         The European nations established various commercial companies, such as the East India Company in England founded in 1600 and Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie-the United East India Company in the Netherlands-founded in 1602. These companies were formed to capture the spice trade by breaking the monopoly of Portuguese in Asia.

Rise of Autonomous States

         In the eighteenth century, when the Mughal Empire declined, autonomous states were established such as in Bengal Murshid Quil Khanj, Oudh Awadh (under Sadat Khan Mulkj, Hyderabad (under Nizam-Mulk, Asaf Jah), (under Saadatullah Khan), Mysore (under Hyder Ali), under chairman and Sarajmal) and the Sikhs (under Singh).

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