Civil Disobedience Movement (Second Phase) Study Materials


Civil Disobedience Movement (Second Phase) Study Materials

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Lord Wellington, who took charge as the new Viceroy of India in April 1931, paid no heed to the Delhi pact and started breaching the pact on various counts. The Congress was already angry with the government over the execution of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev on 23 March 1931. The Congress was declared as an illegal party by Viceroy Lord Willington and the Viceroy’s measures to curb Indian nationalism and harass Congressmen was not taken lightly by the Congress.

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Gandhi returned to India on 28 December 1932, and was compelled to resume the second phase of the disobedience movement. Within 10 days, more than 60,000 activists of the Congress were arrested and confined to jail. The second phase of the disobedience movement carried on till 1934. With the government repression, the Civil Disobedience Movement gradually waned. The Congress officially suspended the movement in May 1933. Gandhi also withdrew from active politics and formally left the Indian National Congress. As a result, the membership of the Congress dropped to less than five lakhs.

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