Chief Minister MK Stalin: We will form a Tamil Nadu without Corona!!!

Chief Minister MK Stalin We will form a Tamil Nadu without Corona
Chief Minister MK Stalin We will form a Tamil Nadu without Corona

CM of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin has appealed that wearing Two masks, Using Disinfectant and Vaccinating to Product us and our Family from Infection. Chief Minister MK Stalin has urged people to be vaccinated against corona. In a video released by Chief Minister Stalin, he said, “Wear a mask, Get vaccinated. We will protect ourselves and the people of the country. The mask has become a life shield for humans. Everyone should wear it. Doctors say you can put a double mask on the most crowded places. It is better to wear a double mask when there are factories, buses, offices and hospitals.”

He continued, “Avoid going outside unnecessarily. Observe personal space if going outside for essential need. Wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant. Apply and clean on the fingertips. Get vaccinated; Some people may have a fever and it will get better in a day or two. We will create a Tamil Nadu without corona.”


  • Everyone should be very safe and cautious as the corona is the epidemic period. Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Observe individual human space even when going outside for unavoidable reasons.
  • Wear a mask and Apply the mask completely to the nose and mouth.
  • Use two face shields when traveling to the hospital, bus travel, shopping, factory and office.
  • Use disinfectant frequently.
  • Those who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated immediately. Vaccination is the most important shield in protecting and rescuing us from infection.

Prevention is better than cure. We will form a Tamil Nadu without corona” The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Says at the end.

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