Byju’s World’s 13th Most Valuable Startup!!


 Byju’s World’s 13th Most Valuable Startup | ByteDance and SpaceX the only ‘hectocorns’!! Byju’s become the world’s high valued ed-tech startup organization for this year 2021. Ed-Tech, short for education technology, refers to new technological implementations in the classroom. In-classroom tablets, interactive projection screens and whiteboards, online content delivery, and MOOCs are all examples of Ed-Tech.

 Local education technology startup BYJU’S is ranked 13th on a list of the world’s most valuable startups, according to CB Insights’ latest unicorn tracker. A tech, financial, or fintech companies worth more than $ 100 billion is called Hectocorn and the another name for this is “Super Unicorn”.  The technology giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle and Cisco are examples of Heactacorn organizations.

Decacorn owned by Byju Raveendran is currently valued at $21 billion, which also makes it the world’s most valuable educational technology startup. BYJU’S succeeds major Chinese education technology company Yuanfudao, which is valued at $15.5 billion. The rise of the Bengaluru startup has been particularly impressive in the past 20 months, with education going digital first due to the inconveniences brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As a result, BYJU has not only intensified its user base and experienced rapid revenue growth, but has also made a large number of acquisitions worldwide and raised billions of dollars in venture capital. According to CB Insights, BYJU’s has raised more than $5.18 billion in funding since its inception in the year 2015.  Out of the total profit $1.3 billion came particularly in the year 2021.  Byju’s become the pride of India. It is not easy to be the one and only one Indian ed-tech organization takes a place in the rank of most valued startup’s.

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